Singtel introduces big fat 50GB mobile data bundle for sharing

Because size matters when it comes to data

4GB data plans will shrink in the shadow of Singtel’s largest offering yet - a 50GB DataMore plan. That’s a lot of YouTube videos.

The DataMore option isn’t new, Singtel subscribers have always had the choice to opt for adding data of 1GB to 4GB. But from 2 June onwards, Combo plan subscribers get additional options of 5GB to 50GB at S$5.35 a GB at the PC Show from 2 to 10 June. After that, each GB will be S$8.56. 

Aside from its sheer size being its biggest selling point, you can also opt to share your new generous serving of data with your other devices or family members by subscribing to the MobileShare supplementary plan. You can add up to 3 SIM cards to share your plan with at S$10.70 per SIM, and get an extra 500MB each. Plus, you can do that with your existing Combo plans without opting for DataMore plans.

There’s a caveat though. Unlike the flexibility of the SIM only plan, you will have to commit to a year at least and only Combo subscribers need apply.