This Singaporean guy makes S$25 an hour playing Pokémon Go

Are you questioning all your life decisions yet?

Most of us mere mortals have – to varying degrees – played Pokémon Go at some point in the past few months. But it takes a special kind of person to turn a smartphone game into a bona fide business.

Meet Brandon Tan, the man who dared to try. You can find the 25-year-old “working” most evenings at the popular Poké-hunting hotspot playground at Block 401, Hougang Ave 10, with his set-up of foldable chairs, four to five iPads and multiple powerbanks. While this might seem excessive to the casual observer, Tan can earn from S$200 to S$300 on a good night — just by playing Pokémon Go.

In a video that’s gotten more than 168,000 views, witness the enterprising man himself resembling a DJ at Ultra while flinging Pokéballs on four iPads at once.

While it looks like Tan is catching four Nidorans at the same time on each screen, each iPad actually represents a customer who has paid him to power-level their account. He charges these players S$25 an hour and logs into their accounts to help them gain experience points.

According to his rates, Tan can get your account from level 1-10 in 2 hours, and level 1-20 in 8 hours. Book his service for 8 hours and you’ll even get an additional hour free — now that’s good promoting. He’s earned about S$2000 so far, from more than 20 clients from Singapore, Austria, Switzerland and the US, since he started offering this service in August. 

The money might be good, but Tan is really in it for the fun. "Even playing two accounts, I get bored so I need to play a minimum of three. I just want to show people how I play games," he said. The dedication sure looks legit since he’s currently level 37 on his personal account. 

And if you’re wondering how he acquired such mad skills, Tan has been gaming for seven years. He’s also got a YouTube channel (BrandonTan91) that generates about S$1,000 of advertising revenue each month, where over 167,000 subscribers watch him play Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

Guess being a Pokémon master really does pay off, eh?

[Source: dpa-international]