Singaporean crowned Evo 2013’s Super Street Fighter IV world champion

DM.MCZ|Xian defeats Tokido in an epic match featuring Gen versus Akuma

Singapore's own professional gamer Ho Kun Xian, also known as DM.MCZ|Xian, was crowned the Super Street Fighter 4 world champion at the annual fighting game tournament Evo 2013.

Xian was matched against Japanese rival MCZ|Tokido at the Evo 2013 grand finals which was held at Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino from July 12 to 14. With his mastery of Gen, Xian gave Tokido’s Akuma a sound beating through all three matches.

In the first match, Xian won the first round and took the lead. Tokido’s air fireball strategy managed to unbalance Xian and won him the second round. By the third round, Xian snuck in an Ultra move, giving him the edge and winning him the first match.

In the second match. Tokido came close to keeping Xian on his toes throughout the first two rounds but he was unable to fend off Xian’s aggressive attacks which won him both rounds and the win the for second match.

By the third match, both Xian and Tokido won a round each, leading to the cliffhanger final round. Xian’s strategic reading of Tokido’s movements and a few timely air fireballs awarded him the final win, and the world championship for Evo 2013 Super Street IV: Arcade Edition.

Image credit: Shoryuken

[via Shoryuken]