Singapore, your waiters may soon be replaced with drones

You can expect these motorised waiters invading your restaurants in 2015
Singapore, your waiters may soon be replaced with drones

So you’re seated at this fancy restaurant in Singapore and you signal for a waiter to bring you the soup you’ve ordered. But instead of a person bringing you your meal, you may soon be surprised to see a drone doing it.

Yes, we’re talking about the same flying robots that are making waves around the world with the possibility of them being postmen like in the case of Amazon, or spreading the Internet far and wide as per Facebook’s domination plans.

Well, we’re already making orders on tablets in a number of restaurants already, so it’s only a natural progression to be served by technology.

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These drones, named Flying Robotic Intelligent Server (Fris), are the developments of Infinium Robotics, a Singapore company that aims to increase the productivity of waiters in restaurants.

Infinium Robotics CEO, Woon Jun Yang, was quoted saying that the idea was built to experiment how drones could be deployed into the F&B industry and how the service staff of these food joints could be trained to operate the flying food delivery system.

“The existing waiters can (then) concentrate on higher-value tasks such as, for example, asking feedback from customers (and) how they are doing,” he said in an interview with Straits Times.

The company is currently in works with a local restaurant group to see how its drones could be utilised to safely deliver food by air to each and every table. If the trials are a success, you’ll most probably be seeing these robotic waiters at your local restaurant by end 2015 – word’s out that it may first launch at one of Timbre Group’s five outlets. 

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