Singapore will host the Vainglory finals

Prepare to book your free tickets online to watch the action at the Kallang Theatre

Vainglory fans in Singapore, it's your lucky day - the finals are going to be held at Kallang Theatre and you can get in for free.

The debut of 5v5

It's not just about watching the best Vainglory teams in action: Super Evil Megacorp will also reveal an update as well as highlight the new 5v5 mode in an online showmatch.

Seven teams have already qualified for the finals, with five more spots to be filled from China, North America, Europe, South America and an upcoming wildcard selection.

The two teams who have already booked their berths are Impunity (Singapore), Elite8 (Southeast Asia), Rox Armada (Korea), ACE Gaming (Korea), Hunters (China), Cloud9 (North America) and DetonatioN Gaming (Japan/wildcard).

There's a bigger prize pot this time around, US$140000 (S$19100), an increase from last year's US$12000.

Register for your free ticket at this link, where you can also register to enter the cosplay competition. Can't make it in person? Stream the game from Facebook and YouTube.