Is Singapore set to welcome its first Apple Store?

Spoiler email purportedly leaks Apple’s plans to set up store at Knightsbridge

On this tiny island, it’s tough to keep big plans under wraps. Especially when they’re Apple-related.

First spotted on a seemingly innocent routine email to members about the closure of a gym, the news of Apple’s store plans soon spread like wildfire on social media before making it into mainstream media. We’ll let you make what you want of the announcement by Pure Fitness, who were the ones who found fit (geddit?) to divulge this information for whatever reason.

Coincidentally, Malmaison by The Hour Glass, the chosen retailer for the fancy Apple Watch Edition, is located in the same building. It’s also been reported that Apple has been scouting for locations to set up shop in Singapore earlier this year.

Guess we’ll just have to wait to find out if there is any weight to this new revelation. Good things are worth waiting for and if it’s true, it’s about time we got our own piece of the Apple pie.

Image: DigitalTrends

Source: Superadrianme