Eat our dust, world: Singapore is number one in global mobile speeds

And it's all thanks to Singtel and StarHub

Next time someone complains about how long it's taking them to download an email attachment on their phone, show them this.

It’s not just a theory that we’ve got more than decent coverage as compared to the world, we’ve got cold hard facts to back it up now. According to OpenSignal, a UK company that maps wireless coverage, Singapore has the fastest LTE speeds. 

What this means is you download food photos that your friends sent you a lot faster and stream cat videos without wasting a second on buffering - all legit reasons for needing quick mobile internet speeds. 

And it’s all thanks to Singtel and Starhub, two of the fastest operators in the world, clocking in at an average of 37Mbps. Ahead of second place New Zealand’s 29Mbps and third place Hungary’s 29Mbps. If you want to break it down into individual telcos, Singtel is the fastest (40Mbps), followed by StarHub's none-too-shabby 39Mbps, and M1's 29Mbps. 

Just to put things into context for you, an average LTE speed of 20Mbps last year would already have been pretty amazing and Singapore wasn’t even on the list back in Q1 of 2015 (the honour of being the world’s fastest went to Spain). We have come a long way.

So that’s just one more thing to add to our list of accolades as a country with the mostest. Awesome. Now we just need unlimited data to make us happy. Is that too much to ask for? 

You can read the full report here for details.

Source: OpenSignal