Singapore, prepare yourselves for 5G in 2020

Singtel and Ericsson partner up to further develop this technology
Singapore, prepare yourselves for 5G in 2020

Technology has been ingrained into every molecule of our lives – it’s so intertwined that every 60 seconds, more than 5 million videos get viewed on YouTube, about 67,000 photos are posted on Instagram, and about 433,000 tweets get on Twitter. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Now, think back to what it was a few years ago – some of these applications didn’t even exist. If these numbers are any indication of the current tech adoption, imagine what it’s going to be like in the coming years.

That explosion of data you’re imagining, will need a proper network to support it. Not that our current 4G networks won’t, it’s more like there’s a need for faster, better, and unfettered speeds. That’s where Singtel and Ericsson come in.

The two companies have inked a memorandum of understanding (currently for a duration of five years) to explore the future possibilities of 5G. This partnership will evaluate and test 5G technologies for future standardisation, and address a wide range of use cases before being offered to the public (projected to be rolled out in 2020). 

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But what does this 5G network mean for us? Singtel group CTO, Tay Soo Meng, said it’s to support Singapore’s vision of becoming a “Smart Nation” and to aid in the development of connected services such as the cloud, wearable technology, interactive cars, and a connected home.

Additional spectrum will be needed to satisfy these demands. Although utilising more of the current spectrum of below 6GHz will cover part of this need, higher frequency bands of 10GHz and more will be needed to fully satisfy the technological demands of the future.

We’re very excited to see how this partnership plays out in the coming years, and what network advancements will be done. Not forgetting to mention the possible unveil of an array of 5G compatible devices (Oooohhhh…).  

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