Singapore Police Force displays Pokémon Go sense of humour in Twitter PSA

It's good to see that some of us can laugh about it

We’re not saying that crime is a laughing matter, but it’s nice to see that the Singapore Police Force is keeping up with the times. 

The SPF tweeted a clever reminder to the public to keep an eye on their belongings, warning of a different #CatchEmAll game that might be going on in reality. They even changed the usual red and white Pokéball into one that’s more in-theme.

They're not the first police department to take to social media on the subject, that honour goes to the Darwin police.

Props for the lighthearted creativity in an ongoing debate about the suitability of Pokémon Go in this part of the world, both Singapore and Malaysia. Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan, whose company has released a location-based chat app that allows Pokémon trainers to get in touch with one another, has also been very vocal about the discussion on his Facebook page

While the augmented reality app has led to greater real-life impact than anyone could have seen coming, it is still up to players to play safe. Until it officially lands here, here's what you need to know to prep for the game

Source: Mashable