Singapore gets first dibs on the Archt One wireless audio system

The Kickstarter-funded, made-in-Singapore omnidirectional speaker plays nice with almost every audio standard out there

This is the Archt One, standing all simple and elegant. But don’t be deceived, because this wireless speaker packs quite a punch.

Funded via KickStarter, this boombox delivers an omnidirectional surround sound experience, complete with a subwoofer to add that extra kick to your Spotify playlist.

And it doesn’t matter where you place the speaker, it’s able to adapt accordingly. This is adjusted through the Archt One app, which utilises the device microphone to pick up the audio signal and automatically adjust the speaker to the room size.

This wireless setup is powered by three speakers, starting with a full range driver for the mids and highs while the bass is handled by the sub-woofer and passive radiator. Each speaker uses Archt’s patented Sound Array module, which adjusts the directional speaker to a nearly 360 degree omnidirectional delivery.

Connectivity options aren’t lacking on this speaker too. It plays nice with all sorts of wireless standards, including Wi-Fi, AirPlay, DLNA and Bluetooth. That covers the full spectrum of your mobile device support, be it iOS, Android or even your TVs connected via the same Wi-Fi network.

On a more advanced note, you can link up to six Archt One speakers via AirPlay. This creates a full-on delivery, allowing you to output the same song from six speakers in various rooms.

If you're particular about aesthetics, the Archt One is designed to look like a piece of furniture or centrepiece that fits naturally in your living room. Its inconspicuous capacitive touch control also gives it a sophisticated look.

For now, the Archt One is only available in a Gloss Black colour and Singapore is the first market to launch the omnidirectional speaker. The Gloss White and Gloss Red options will be available from November 2015 and January 2016 respectively.

If you intend to get the speaker, note that your bank account will take a serious hit as it's not cheap at S$999. Add more speakers to create that fully immersive six-room experience and you’ll need more time to replenish that empty wallet.