Show us your dribbling skills in the Fifa 14 challenge at PC Show

Impress us with the highest score and we’ll invite you to the Fifa 14 challenge finals
Show us your dribbling skills in the Fifa 14 challenge at PC Show

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t make it to the national team or the finals of the biggest football tournament in Brazil. We have a way for you to unleash your hidden potential in football.

That is, if you drop by Stuff’s Ultimate Tech Lounge from today till Sunday 8 June at the PC Show.

Grab any of the Stuff folks (we’re easy to spot in our Stuff t-shirt) and tell us you’d like to join the Fifa 14 challenge. But first, we’ll need you to sign up with your name and email address. After that, we’ll set up the Xbox One, fire up Fifa 14 and test your football skills with a few simple challenges.

What’s next? Start refreshing your mailbox. We’ll be sending out an email notification to the top 16 scorers, who’ll be invited to the Fifa 14 challenge finals. Details of the exclusive finals' date, time and venue will be revealed in the email.

Now if you fancy a game of Kinect Sports Rival, Forza 5 or want to check out how you can play your music in any room with Sonos’ wireless music system, hang out at our Ultimate Tech Lounge. We’ll be there from 12 noon till 9pm everyday till the PC Show ends on 8 June.

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