Sharp’s working on a smartphone display that produces, well, sharper images

Its screen is said to be twice as sharp as the iPhone 6’s
Sharp’s working on a smartphone display that produces sharper images

You’ve been ogling at the iPhone 6’s retina display screen, marveling at its impressive image resolution. But soon, you might be looking at another smartphone, from Sharp, that might be smaller but boast twice the image sharpness.

That’s what Asian news outlet, Nikkei Technology, is claiming Sharp has created. The source has indicated that the Japanese multi-national company has created behind closed doors a smartphone display with an “incredibly high pixel density”.

What that means is that you’ll probably find more pixels on the screen of this unit as compared to any smartphone you can currently find in the market. If you want to know the specifics of the technology, it’s said to measure 4.1in and boasts a resolution of 2560 x 1600.

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This could also suggest that the company might have a Sharp branded smartphone it’s working on, unless it’s creating the screen for another smartphone vendor. But one thing’s almost set in stone – you can expect it to have at least 763 pixels packed into each inch.

The source has also put into perspective the pixel to inch ratio – it’s said that the display is equivalent to looking at a 6in panel with a 4K resolution. It also has stated that design samples of the technology will most likely be shipped to manufacturers sometime next year, with mass production starting in 2016.

Considering the timeframe, we will definitely be home to more rumours of the purported device before it comes out. We’ll update this space with more information – keep those leaks coming.

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[Source and image: Business Insider]