Sharp's Star Wars phones make you long for the Force

With options for the Light and Dark sides, these will appeal to Star Wars fans of any leaning

Rogue One:A Star Wars Story is coming out soon and the avalanche of Star Wars merchandise has begun. Of course smartphones had to get in on the action and Sharp is smartly appealing to the Star Wars fans out there.

Middling specs, but who cares?

Don't expect super-fancy specs from these. Sure there's a decent Snapdragon 820 processor, powering a 5.3in Full HD IGZO display. There's also a 22.6MP camera at the back, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage with microSD support and a TV tuner of all things.

As to the phone's design, it's 7.6mm thick, not all that svelte but not all that thick either and it weighs a mere 155g.

Now, what makes the phones Star Wars themed? Well, there is the colour - black for the Dark Side (of course) and white for the Light and there'll also be live wallpapers that you can use to help create an X-Wing or TIE fighter cockpit feel.

The phone runs on Android 6.0, skinned in Star Wars themes and apparently five exclusive metal figurines also come with the package. Also included: a Star Wars movie player app with The Force Awakens preloaded, which you can use to watch that film until 2020. There is also a Star Wars:Force Collection card game with a code for a special gold card pack, a Star Wars-themed alarm clock app (we wonder if C3PO will be waking us up) and of course Star Wars emoji and ringtones.

All the content is region-locked and the phones are likely to be a Japan exclusive. They'll be sold there from 2 December, with preorders already open. The phones are retailing for 97920 yen (S$1245) just in case you want to grab one just for kicks.