Secretlab’s new Omega Elite gaming chair gets a full leather jacket

Trust us, the premium price is worth it if you want to eliminate back pain

How do you up the ante with a gaming chair that’s so comfortable you never want to get your butt off it? Simple - just clad it with leather.

Singapore-based Secretlab, which makes the series of Omega Stealth gaming chairs, is now taking orders for its high-end Omega Elite. Don’t worry about sweaty skin sticking to the upgraded Omega chair’s leather exterior. Its made with LUXE leather, porous enough to allow a degree of breathability and disperes heat even after an extended sitting session on the chair.

Everything that you love about the Omega Stealth is replicated on the Omega Elite. Reclining backrest and fully adjustable handles aside, the wheels are upgraded for increased durability and smoother moving.

Don’t be surprised if you fall asleep on this chair because it’s that comfortable. But comfort and an improved seating posture don’t come cheap. The Omega Elite’s regular retail price is an astounding S$999, a sum of money that could get you a decent gaming desktop. The good news is, Secretlab is offering a promotion price of S$799 from now till June. If you do have some spare cash lying around and need a dire chair upgrade, you can order via its website right now.

Fair warning, if this is anything like its earlier series, there might not be enough Omega Elites to go around.