Sayonara Vaio – Sony dumps its PC arm

Looks like Vaios will not be gracing our shores anymore as the Japanese giant sells it off to the Japanese Industrial Partners (JIP) consortium

So Sony has fessed up and announced that they are selling their PC business. That means we won't be seeing the Vaio brand gracing Sony stores anymore.

However, unlike what the rumours have been saying, Sony's PC business isn't going to Lenovo. Instead it's being hawked off to a consortium called the Japanese Industrial Partners (JIP). And if you think that we might still be seeing the Vaios on our shores, albeit under a different brand, think again. JIP 's distribution plan for it is Japan-only though they are contemplating bringing it overseas. Just don't get your hopes up though.

It seems Sony will be focusing a lot more on the smartphone and tablet market as their official statement for the sale was ” Sony has determined that the optimal solution is to concentrate its mobile product lineup on smartphones and tablets.”

We can't say we're surprised. As we've seen last CES, the Vaios took quite a backseat and was instead, it was dominated by its gaming and the mobile siblings. So you still want a Vaio? Don't worry, Sony will only be ceasing its design and manufacturing of PCs after the announcement of their spring 2014 line-up. So you still have a chance, though why you'd still want want would be a big question. 


TV division to stand on its own

At the same time, Sony is also spinning off their TV division as a standalone entity, as part of a reform happening within the electronics giant by the end of June 2014. They will be focusing more on the high-end spectrum of the market, particularly models with 4K resolution. This means that we will no longer see cheap Sony TVs anytime soon or even the possibility of a cheap 4K from Sony. 

Source: Sony