Say hello to shorter cab booking times, thanks to GrabTaxi's new R&D centre

The new facility will house some of the best minds in tech

So GrabTaxi’s new research and development facility in Singapore plans to hire up to 200 of the best minds in engineering and data science to work on a few tech innovations. You got to ask, why should you care?

Because for once, you'll get to choose cabbies in Singapore. Thanks to the 200 heads knocking information about, data will be analysed and used to drive supply to the greatest demand at peak period. At least, that's one aspect of the new R&D centre, which will trickle down some of its great work to you as a GrabTaxi user.

While the company can generally solve the problem of overall demand meeting supply, inconsistencies exist because of local dislocations. These exist because sometimes there are more taxis in areas where there are fewer customers, while in other areas, there are more customers than there are taxis. 

The data scientists based here will be analysing information on the fly to help iron out these local dislocations, which should translate into shorter taxi waiting times for you during peak hour periods. So don't go thinking that an R&D centre means nothing to you, it could mean the difference between an hour's wait for a cab or instant success on the app.