Save your mobile and social life with Seagate Backup Plus Slim and Backup Plus hard disk drives

Seagate's latest storage solutions offer a fuss-free experience to backup your precious memories from your mobile and social media
Save your mobile and social life with Seagate Backup Plus Slim and Backup Plus h

We’re sure many of you have lost a mountain of treasured pictures and videos from your mobile devices, just because it's too much hassle to connect your mobile devices to a computer, manually transfer and backup the files into a hard drive. Such hard work isn’t it? 

We can see your nodding head, and sense the disgruntled rage within. We share your pain, and also a solution, to this first world problem.

Seagate has delivered two new hard drives that eliminate the need for all that fuss. The second gen Seagate Backup Plus Slim makes a copy of your valued pictures, videos, and other files saved in numerous devices, computers and social networks. It utilises the Seagate Dashboard software, which also backs up Facebook albums and photos you’ve been tagged in and Flickr folders.

The Seagate Backup Plus Fast does the same, and according to the storage solutions provider, is the world’s first portable 4TB storage device. It’s the perfect companion for a filmmaker or photographer dealing with huge chunks of data. All the time you need to spare is to download and install the free Seagate Mobile Backup app on an iOS or Android mobile device and link it to the drive or a Cloud service.

Seagate Asia-Pacific and Japan senior vice-president and managing director, BanSeng Teh, said digital storage is important for everyone who uses a personal computer or mobile device. “We are all creating content, whether that be photos from our last activity, video of a baby’s first steps, or a proposal for your next project. All of these files hold a special place of importance [for Seagate],” he claimed and we couldn’t agree more with him.

The price of the hard drives won’t burn a hole in your pocket too. The Seagate Backup Plus Slim portable is currently available from Challenger at S$89 for 500GB, S$119 for 1TB, and S$239 for 2TB; while the 4TB Seagate Backup Plus Fast portable device is priced at S$449.