Samsung’s alleged Galaxy Note 5 to dazzle you with its 4K AMOLED screen

With a phablet this pixel packed, who needs a tablet?
Samsung’s unofficial Galaxy Note 5 to dazzle you with its alleged 4K AMOLED scre

When there are rumours of the Samsung Galaxy S6, it’s only fit that leaks of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 follow. And it didn’t take too long for them to come – here’s the first of what’s being said about the unofficial phablet.

Its screen will be packed with pixels on a Ultra HD Super AMOLED display, meaning you’ll get 700+ppi on the 5.9in unit, if you believe the rumours making its rounds. Phone Arena published this tip, but was careful not to name its source.

So all you 4K lovers that might be pumping your fists in the air, take what you read with a pinch of salt. However, the source has made a valid claim as to why this is very likely to be on the smartphone.

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The fact that Samsung has made known that its mobile display roadmap for next year will include Ultra HD resolution panels (during its Analyst Days presentation last year and its Semiconductor and Display Technology Roadmap workshop in January) has made a compelling reason for us to believe so.

Not much else was leaked about the device, but the source has indicated at the possibility of an improved screen-to-phone ratio, as compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, a Snapdragon 810 chipset, and a high-res camera with optical image stabilisation.  

As for when it’s going be officially announced, the source expects mass-production to begin in August 2015, so it probably might show up at the IFA expo in September 2015. But we’re banking on more leaks about the device, since once they start, there’s no stopping them.

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[Source: Phone Arena