Samsung set to trash Galaxy Note 7 units, might even drop Note brand

The Note brand officially poisoned by this year's events

It seems Samsung won't bother trying to fix or diagnose returned or recalled Galaxy Note 7 units.

The company is set to dispose of all of the phones and rumour has it, the Note brand name will also be a casualty of the recent recall fiasco.

RIP, Note brand

Samsung has confirmed it will neither repair nor refurbish any of the Galaxy Note 7 phones returned. The phones will instead be disposed of safely, as per Samsung's own procedures.

Of course the destroyed units won't include the ones Samsung is taking apart to figure out what exactly went wrong. Still, there's likely nearly 2 million units involved and due to certain components being unrecyclable or reused, that's a lot of wastage as well as a not-small environmental impact.

What exactly happens during the disposal process is unclear as Samsung did not divulge the exact process - whether a landfill or incinerator is involved, for instance. Considering how many phones are involved, it will

Another source has said that the Note brand will be buried as well, after a recent survey in South Korea had over 50 per cent of users saying they now had a negative perception of the brand. It's unlikely the Galaxy brand will be dropped due to its other Galaxy phones still enjoying a good reputation but while Samsung will, no doubt, keep the S-Pen the company now has to figure out a new name for the line.

Maybe perhaps the best thing Samsung can do is have a fresh start with the next batch of S-Pen supporting devices. This might even be an opportunity to break out of the Note mold and perhaps be more creative with the line, which will probably still retain the Galaxy branding, minus the 'Note' portion.

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