Samsung patents phone designs with wraparound display

Three proposed designs make interesting use of screens

It's emerged that Samsung filed a patent last year for smartphone designs that go beyond just having mere screens - instead of a single display, you get a wraparound one which will show different information all around.

Next-gen cool

Three designs were mentioned in the patent – one with a display that wraps around the side, another that goes around the bottom and a third with a thin bezel in front.

On the first phone, the back portion has a grip area and only the upper part is a usable touchscreen. Sensors will detect when the phone is turned over, so the rear display area will only turn on when flipped.

A photo of the second design reveals it being used to display information from apps such as emails, a photo gallery and the weather. You can also see notifications, as well as answer or reject calls, with the back display.

It's a clever way of creating additional real estate on the back, though there's no indication whether Samsung will ever use this on a phone. Perhaps in two or three years? We'll keep an eye out.

[Source: LetsGoDigital]