Samsung might only have one flagship phone next year, but which one?

Company might focus its efforts on perfecting just one model

After all the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 drama, it seems the company might choose to bring out just one flagship phone next year.

Getting it right

The company might forego its usual tactic to put out two Galaxy models earlier in the year, followed by another one in the Note range a little later. Instead of say, a Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge and then later a Galaxy S8 Note, Samsung might decide on just one flagship phone.

What would this mean? That the usual predicted launch dates would no longer follow this pattern and Samsung might even launch later than usual, just so it can perfect that one flagship that will decide the success of its mobile comeback.

The question remains, though: which phone will it be? It is far more likely that Samsung will concentrate on a Galaxy S8 Edge and delay the return of the S-Pen range.

Or will instead Samsung bring a Note-like device but not call it a Note? That it might be the Samsung Galaxy Slate, for instance?

Rumours also say the new phone will bring a dual-cam setup as well as an iris scanner to the table. Whatever it is, let's hope the phone will herald a less explosive time for Samsung.

[Source: Korea Herald]