Samsung might have just dropped a hint as to how its next smartphone will look

We’re placing our bets that it could be the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung might have just dropped a hint as to how its next smartphone will look

The rumours of a Samsung Galaxy S6 have been filling in over the past few months now, but thus far, there has been no real reason to believe any of these features will show up on it, as Samsung has set nothing in stone.

Until now that is. Okay, it’s not revealed anything but it could have dropped a major hint as to what the flagship device might look like. In a new video Samsung released on how to set up its Knox security software, it showcases a device that matches leaks of the purported S6. 

Samsung Magazine and Phone Arena both first picked up on this video, which showcases a smartphone that looks to be a tad bit bigger than the Samsung Galaxy S5, but with thinner side bezels.

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But other than that, there is no indication whatsoever that the device has anything to do with the looming Galaxy S6 smartphone. Now, we might be reading too much into this rendering but we can’t let the possibility slip by.

Even if the smartphone rendering isn’t that of the Samsung Galaxy S6, the fact that it’s an official Samsung video sheds some sort of light as to what its upcoming smartphones might possibly look like in terms of design.

Samsung’s said to be starting from scratch in creating the Galaxy S6, so we’ve got our hopes high for it to look radically different from its predecessor. The alleged Samsung Galaxy S6 is also said to boast two curved edges, a Quad HD (2560 x 1440) display, and ridiculously, a water pistol and cigarette lighter

We’ll just have to wait longer for more concrete rumours to come by. 

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[Source: Business Insider