Samsung Galaxy S5 is tougher than you think

Samsung's new flagship takes can withstand more punishment than it looks
Samsung Galaxy S5 is tougher than you think

Ah, drop tests, or how to make people cringe when you mess up expensive electronics. But the Samsung Galaxy S5 showed it had some grit, by being rather more durable than you would expect.

It does have an IP67 rating that gives it a good measure of water and dust resistance, but when TechSmart testers punished the Galaxy S5 and S4, both phones showcased their ability to take quite a few drops.

What did impress however, was that the S5 wasn't totally pulverised when run over, getting away with merely a cracked screen and still able to be used.

Not that we're telling you to go run your phone over to compare, but it's good news to know that Samsung's pricey Galaxy S5 has some justification when it drains your wallet.

Drop me, why don't you?

With Samsung's plastic make of both Samsung Galaxy phones, you wouldn't expect them to be so durable.

So now you have a new reason to buy the S5 if you don't already. But if surviving being run over isn't enough for you, then check out our hands-on review.

[Source: Ubergizmo]