Samsung could be prepping a foldable phone

A unique proposition or a future Bend-gate

Samsung hasn't just been busy dealing with the aftermath of the Galaxy Note 7 or the upcoming Galaxy S8.

A new patent has been revealed that shows plans for a future, rather bendy phone.

Super flexibility

What has been revealed in the patent, is that Samsung has been working on a phone that can bend right in half. The patent looks pretty interesting and showcases a phone that doesn't just bend but curves.

A flexible screen isn't new for Samsung and this could be pretty exciting - to have a phone that you can bend without breaking (hello, Apple) and still be functional. Samsung has also patented design concepts for phones that you could roll up into a scroll.

Now the only issue here is how a battery would fit into these plans for a bendable phone. With all the overheating issues, besides asking how much the phone can take, it's also worth asking if safety issues will also be taken into account. As bendable batteries sound like a disaster, that will be a technological issue Samsung has hopefully taken into account.

It's unlikely the Galaxy S8 will be the bendable phone patented, and though rumours are a bendy phone will appear next year we're betting Samsung will be going a little more back to the basics with the next flagship.

[Source: CNet]