Rumour: the iWatch will ship in early 2015 and could cost US$400

Don't expect to strap on the Apple wearable device anytime soon
The iWatch will only ship in early 2015 and might cost US$400: Rumour

Getting excited at the prospect of wrapping an iWatch around your wrist? You might want to take a deep breath.

Although Apple is likely to reveal the iWatch to the world at its upcoming 9 September eventyou won’t be able to buy it until early 2015.

According to Re/code's sources, the iWatch “won’t arrive at market for a few months” and “it’s not shipping anytime soon”  noting that the first iPhone was only out to retailers six months after its unveiling. This could prove to be the same with Apple’s first wearable device.

In addition, the iWatch will reportedly come with a hefty US$400 (S$450) price tag

Premium device, premium price

Putting that in perspective, the LG G Watch costs S$268

Putting that in perspective, the LG G Watch costs S$268. The iWatch looks like it'll be competing with Timex’s upcoming Ironman One GPS+ smartwatch or even the Samsung Galaxy Gear priced at US$400 (S$450) and S$488 respectively.

There is some hope for Apple fans whose wallets are already weeping at the prospect of shelling out for the iPhone 6, an iWatch and new iPads; the iWatch pricing has yet to be finalised, and may not even be announced at Apple’s 9 September press conference.

Particularly interesting is the sources' claims that there will be a range of prices for different iWatch models – suggesting that there may be lower priced versions of Apple’s first wearable device.

Stuff will be live at Apple’s press event in Curpertino, where we’ll (hopefully) be donning the iWatch and getting hands-on with the iPhone 6.

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