Revamp plans for Funan mall will make it unrecognisable

Changes include an indoor cycling track and rock climbing gym

Remember when Funan used to be the go-to place for techies to get the best gadgets deals?

Not anymore, revamp plans for the mall will turn it into either the sports hub, an office space or every other mall in Singapore (we can’t decide).

On one hand, there is a strong focus on sporting culture with the addition of a futsal court, cycling track, rock climbing wall and an atrium that doubles up as a basketball court.

On the other, there will also be studios and open spaces to showcase local designers and to conduct classes. Throw in plans for a 4,000 sq ft urban farm as well, and you’ll start to wonder if this is a mall or a self-contained metropolis.

The list of confirmed tenants so far include Golden Village Cinemas, Kopitiam food court and indoor rock climbing facility Climb Central. The food court, dubbed KOPItech, will come with features like robot vacuum cleaners and self-ordering kiosks, perhaps in a nod towards the mall’s tech-driven past.

Wondering how this many facilities will possibly fit into Funan? The mall is also expected to double in floor area once renovations are complete in three year’s time. And if you’re hoping you can still buy the latest computer there, a floor of the mall will be dedicated to IT products — yup, just one.

[Source: The Straits Times]