This retro iPhone 7 Plus is the best modern throwback you can own

Your S$5 case has got nothing on this custom paint job

Forget about skins and cases, get a custom paint job to make your iPhone as badass as the cars that roll out of West Coast Customs. If you’ve always been caught between yearning for the past and wanting to own the latest and greatest of gadgets, this iPhone 7 Plus is the perfect compromise for you.

It is like any other 256GB iPhone 7 Plus out there, except for that sweet old school computer beige, rainbow-coloured Apple logo, and the lines that mimic those of the vents on the original Macintosh. As the 20th Anniversary Sony PlayStation 4 shows, there’s nothing better than OG colourways.


Of course, customisation comes at a price. And this, a princely sum of US$1899 (S$2700), which is nearly twice the price of your factory line iPhone 7 Plus. The people behind these are also the ones adding a little colour to your AirPods’ life - ColorWare.

Who would be insane enough to buy this? Well, at least 25 people because the first 25 units (with numbers of authenticity) are sold out. You do learn something new every day.

So if you’re thinking of getting one, you still can for a limited time, as the site states. The product takes 3 weeks to ship, so once you hit that order button, prepare for 3 weeks of all consuming self-doubt - unless US$1899 is chump change to you.

In that case, have you seen ColorWare’s golden take on the Bose QuietComfort 35?