Rest assured, Samsung says its smart TVs aren’t capturing your data

Yes, that means you don’t have to be careful about what you say around your smart TV
Rest assured, Samsung says its smart TVs aren’t capturing your data

You don’t have to talk in code or whisper to each other around your Samsung smart TV anymore. Samsung’s clarified that its smart TVs are not spying on you by monitoring your conversations (phew).

Fears of Samsung’s smart TVs creeping in on conversations arose no thanks to a poorly worded privacy policy related to its smart TV line-up. Text about your conversations being “transmitted to a third party through your use of voice recognition” was assumed to be a warning to watch what you say around the units.

The South Korean multinational conglomerate took to its official blog post to confirm that your conversations aren’t being captured and sent to a datacentre and made clear how its technology handles voice command data.

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According to the company, interactive voice commands are only picked up when you make a search request – meaning you’ll need to press a button on the remote control and speak into its microphone for it to be captured.

It also highlighted that this “third party” it mentioned on its privacy policy is Nuance Communications, a company that handles the Samsung smart TV interactive voice commands feature.  

What this means for you, is that the companies only collect these spoken commands to further improve their voice recognition feature, somewhat like what all other tablet and smartphone makers do.

If you’re dead against this, you don’t have to chuck out your smart TV or replace it with one from another vendor – you can choose to not use the interactive voice commands. Then again, it’s worth taking note that disabling this search feature would mean you’re making dumb a smart TV.

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