Replenish your Nespresso cuppa with a click

Go online, download the Nespresso app and satisfy your caffeine addiction with the touch of a button
Nespresso App

In most places, even Singapore, getting a cup of Nespresso coffee is a religious affair. When the coffee beans are out, and the withdrawal symptom kicks in, it's time for a speedy refill.

And here's the good news - you don’t need to make the arduous trek to a shopping mall to restock your Nespresso capsule stash. Coffee lovers can sign up for an account, order via the Nespresso website or download the iOS or Android app and enter their orders.

With just a few simple taps, the capsules will be delivered by noon the next working day. Order more than 150 capsules (prices vary from $0.91 to $1.15 per capsule) and the $10 delivery charge is waived.

To date, 19 different flavours with varying intensities are available. Two limited edition flavours, which Nespresso was not able to reveal for now, will be added to the roster by the end of this year.

Revamped boutique store at Takashimaya

If you don’t fancy the online experience, Nespresso’s brick and mortar stores are still here to serve you a warm cuppa joe at its revamped boutique store, located at Takashimaya Department Store, basement one. Eco warriors can pack your used aluminum capsules in a bag, bring it to the store at Takashimaya or the second boutique store at Ion Orchard, and toss them into the recycling centre.

The reward? A warm fuzzy feeling for your effort to keep the planet habitable.