Rejoice, movie addicts, Netflix is coming to Singapore in early 2016

South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan are also in the list of countries to get the internet TV service

The wait is over. Netflix is finally coming to Singapore.

For far too long, the streaming service was out of reach for users in Asia. While there were workarounds such as virtual private networking services to access Netflix’s treasure trove of movies and TV series, it wasn’t the most ideal solution. Streaming speeds aren’t fantastic, often leading to that dreaded buffer icon appearing during a binge-watching session.

But with its official launch in Singapore, Netflix users won’t have to worry about that. “The combination of increasing Internet speeds and availability of smart phones and TVs will provide consumers with the anytime, anywhere ability to enjoy their favorite movies and TV shows on Netflix,” said Reed Hastings, chief executive officer of Netflix.

Given how most internet service providers have bumped up their fibre networks to 1Gbps speeds and the robust 4G network here, useers in Singapore might get to enjoy an uninterrupted marathon of Friends or Netflix exclusive series House of Cards. We say might because essentially, Netflix will need to curate its offering specific to each region's media broadcast rules.

Plus, different regions have different shows to offer too. Even for existing users in the United States and United Kingdom, certain TV series are only available in one region.

And there’s the matter of 4K content, which is already available on Netflix. That UHD TV from Sony, Samsung or LG you just bought? It’ll finally be put to good use when the streaming service launches. Or you can stick with your tablets, smartphones and even game consoles to stream Netflix content via its app.

How soon can you sign up? Netflix stated that the service will only start in early 2016, along with Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan. Pricing details will be made known closer to the launch date. As a gauge, Netflix is priced at US$8 (~S$11) for standard definition on one screen, US$9 (~S$13) for high definition quality on two screens and US$12 (~S$17) for high definition and ultra high definition for four screens.