Razer's Project Christine brings the sexy back to PCs

You won't need a rocket science degree to upgrade your PC anymore with Razer's Project Christine

For hard core geeks, building a PC isn't really a problem. It's time consuming, yes but it isn't really much of an issue. Especially since getting a rig all fixed up with the latest gear will mean that extra frame or performance boost while gaming. For the rest of us mere mortals however, we sometimes have problems getting our simple printers to work, what more assembling a rig on our own. So wouldn't it be great if upgrading a PC would be as simple as plugging in a USB port?


The Lego Like PC

Apparently, Razer thinks so and their latest project, codenamed Christine, might just be what brings the PC back into the mainstream, far away from the dark corners of the geeky enthusiasts room. So what's so revolutionary about Project Christine? It's the modular design that it's adopted. It's aim in a nutshell, is exactly what we mentioned; making PC upgrades as simple as plugging in a USB cable. 

How Project Christine does this is by adopting a modular design, allowing users to build their PC like you'd build Legos. No more will you need something resembling a rocket science degree to build your own PC. Need a new graphics cards? Just slide and slot it in. Need new storage? It'll be as simple as pulling out a box and slotting another back in. New processor, graphic cards, memory, everything you need to change would be as simple as plugging it in. Best of all? No cables. There's even liqiud cooling and a touch screen LED display. Operating systems? Whatever you want, be it Windows, Steam OS and if you could even manage it, OS X. The key thing here for Razer is modularity.

And don't think for a second that Project Christine will look like an ugly bunch of boxes stuck together. If it isn't already apparent from the design and styling of their Razer Blade, Razer seems to have taken some care into making Project Christine look good, as you'll see in the images we've posted. No news of when this project will be going into full production, but if the Razer Blade was anything to go by, we might just see this hitting our shelves really soon.