Raoul techs your shopping experience up a notch with iQNect

And you can be rewarded with a S$100 shopping voucher on top of dollops of app-fuelled interactive fun
Raoul techs your shopping experience up a notch with iQNect

The shopping experience can get a little stale. How can flicking through racks of clothes not get boring after a while, even for the most enthusiastic of shoppers? Well, turn to tech of course.

Pay a visit to the Raoul store at Paragon (#02-49) to see what we mean. In the store stands a virtual mirror that lets you try some of the clothes on without having to take your threads off. There's no magic or wizardry involved, just a good old Microsoft Kinect that uses augmented reality to dress you up. Adjust the fit, twirl around, the virtual outfit behaves like you’re really wearing it.

However, it could be a little glitchy at times as it’s currently in beta. But when it worked, you can almost visualise the future of shopping for fashion in that little display (read: the nixing of changing rooms for good).

Not exactly what you'd expect to see in a sci-fi movie, with robotic arms dressing you up or 3D printing your clothes from scratch. But it's a start, and there's more tech fun in the Raoul store.

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Instead of swiping through a physical book, you can download the iQNect iOS or Android app to peruse the Fall Winter 2014 Collection fresh off the New York Fashion Week runway.

But this isn't just a catalogue in the form of an app. Snap pictures of displays with the iQNect logo next to it and it'll bring up content like seeing the look on the runway or checking out the lookbook to give you a backstory of the product you’re interested in.

And if you complete your virtual journey around the store (and collection), you’ll be rewarded with a S$100 shopping e-voucher to be redeemed with a minimum spend of S$300.

Kind of like a techy fashion treasure hunt if you will, but with limited treasure as the e-vouchers are available while stocks last.

Now who says tech and fashion never meet? This is what we call a perfect match.