PS Vita available in Asia from November, Vita TV goes on sale January 2014

Sony’s new generation portable consoles will be coming to Asia very soon, pricing is still unconfirmed

Sony’s new PlayStation Vita is not just getting a thinner waistline and shedding some weight - it will be getting a change of clothes when it is launched in Asia.

Three PS Vita skins will be added to the lineup, which includes a Gundam Breaker Starter pack, God Eater 2 Fenrir edition and a special Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Resolution Box version.

Availability for these special edition PS Vita have not been announced yet. But the normal editions will be launched in Asia from November. Likewise, prices for Sony’s portable console in Asia has not been announced, though you can expect it somewhere around US$190.

The PS Vita TV will miss the holiday launch period. Instead, the miniature game console that plays PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable and classic PlayStation One titles will reach Asian shores from January 2014. Pricing is still unavailable, but you might want to shelve US$100 to prepare for its launch next year.