Prepare yourselves – Google might be creating a new Android OS

And it might be specific to VR headsets

Virtual reality is the next big thing in tech, if you go by the multitude of new VR headsets that have been unveiled since the start of this year. Microsoft’s got one, Oculus has one and even HTC’s got one of its own.

So to support that growth, Google could be plotting its next move within that space. According to a new report on the Wall Street Journal, the search conglomerate’s looking to build on its OS portfolio with the creation of a new one for the emerging platform.

It stated that this version of Android will power virtual reality applications, somewhat like how the Android OS powers smartphones. And this Android for VR OS could be distributed to hardware makers for free.

The Wall Street Journal also mentioned that Google’s got “tens of engineers” in addition to other staff currently working on this project. It added that the new OS will mimic “a strategy [that] has made Android by far the most popular operating system for smartphones”.

But, take what you read with a pinch of salt; it cited two unnamed sources, meaning that there could be a whole lot of truth to this claim or probably none at all. However, if there is any truth to this, this could be a lucrative addition to Google’s Android portfolio (which includes Android TV, Android Wear, and Android Auto).

Either way, expect to see and hear a lot more about the growth of VR in the coming months. Why we even think Apple might be dipping its feet into it in the near future. 

[Source: Android Central