Prepare a personalised photo book in just five minutes with Fujifilm's Year Album service

It'll even conveniently select, organise, and lay out your photos automatically

How many photos do you have in your smartphone's photo gallery right now? And how many do you have saved on your PC? 

We're willing to bet you have at least a thousand, because taking a photo is such an easy fire-and-forget process these days. Yes, we know, you've been meaning to organise them, but just haven't had the time.

If you've been thinking about printing a physical photo album for that special someone or occasion, but balked at the mere thought of sorting through all those photos, Fujifilm's got something that'll help. Now your two-year-old daughter will finally get the photo book you were meaning to prepare for her first birthday.

Get with the program

From 1 September, simply head down to a Fujifilm Digital Imaging Outlet or download the Year Album program from Fujifilm's website to your PC, and the service will take care of everything you need to put a photo album together in just five minutes. 

The Year Album program is limited to Windows PCs for now, but a Mac version might be coming soon. Of course, you also have the option of running a virtual Windows desktop in your Mac if you've got the right software. 

The program won't just sort through the folders you've selected to pick out the best images for printing, it'll also narrow them down by date, and lay it all out in your selected page size and format.

More impressively, it'll even use facial recognition to identify all the people in the photos, allowing you to set who the main and supporting characters are, before giving them the appropriate amount of attention in the album. That means your annoying uncle won't end up being the focus of the album, purely by wanting to be in every picture ever taken. 

Of course, the next step would be for you to further customise the album, replacing images or altering the layout as you see fit. You'll also be able to customise the album's cover and page colours, add titles, colourful stamps and comments to make it truly yours. 

At the end, all you have to do is pay via PayPal, set the delivery address, and your personalised photo album will be on its way to you in just 10 working days for an additional S$5.35. Alternatively, you could pick it up at a Fujifilm Digital Imaging Outlet for S$2. It's a Singapore-only service though, so you won't be able to send it to your relatives overseas just yet. 

If you hurry, Fujifilm's having a promotion in September where the promo code 1STYA gives you a 30% discount, so stop procrastinating, and get those memories printed out pronto.