The PowerDot muscle stimulator gives you all kinds of feels

Sending electric pulses to your muscles, in the name of a well-rounded workout

When you think about it, electric muscle stimulators (EMS) are probably the first wearable tech. But it wasn’t marked as one until PowerDot marketed it as such.

Created by Singapore-based company Smartmissimo Technologies, this tiny little device consists of a main power unit that juices up two electrodes that attach to your skin. Sure, it feels a little iffy at first, but you’ll get used to the cool touch after a while.

Plus, while you’re working out, you’ll be pumped full of adrenaline and forget that it’s sending electric pulses to stimulate your muscles. Sure, you can use it without exercising, but that’s really more for body maintenance and massage to ease the muscle pain. Its real potential is unleashed once you decide on a specific workout and attach the electrodes to the targeted body parts.

“PowerDot isn’t a one-fit-all muscle stimulator but it offers training programmes that deliver custom power-packed workout routines to athletes and sports enthusiasts of any level,” said Alex Pisarev, founder of PowerDot.

“Muscle stimulators have been around for a while now but PowerDot is a huge game changer as it provides accessiblity and ease of use by tapping into the everyday resource of a smartphone,” he added.

Speaking of smartphones, the iOS or Android app provides providing a pictorial guide to where the electrodes should be placed for each muscle group, along with a comprehensive list of muscle groups to train. In a future update, the app will also provide training plans, such as an 8-week workout program, to keep the user active.

The app, by the way, is also how you control the intensity of the PowerDot EMS. An intensity level of 10% should give you a feel of the pulse. Bring it any higher than 20% and you’ll feel the muscles contracting automatically. On the bright side, the electric pulses won’t fry your nerves or numb your body. Just some general soreness if you decide to go a bit crazy and crank it up to 100%

Priced at S$239, the PowerDot package includes a main unit, two electrodes and a microUSB cable for charging. If you want a little shock in your life, you can get it from Challenger, Courts, Epicenter, Newstead Technologies and selected retailers.