The PL01 Stealth Tank will literally blow you away

Poland's built the tank of the future, and it's practically invisible to enemies
The PL01 Stealth Tank will literally blow you away

Imagine you're doing guard duty one night, and you spot something approaching on your infrared (IR) scanner. "Ah, it's just a VW Beetle", you think to yourself. "No harm ever came out of one of those".

All of a sudden, your base explodes, everything's on fire, and you wonder how much paperwork you're going to have to fill in tomorrow. You've just been tricked by a troop of PL01s.

More than meets the... scanner

You'd think something that's 7m long, 2.8m high, and weighs 35 tonnes won't be hard to miss. Not the PL01. Besides looking ultra-cool with Manga-esque looks, this weapon on wheels isn't just near-invisible to radar and IR, it can actually trick those systems into thinking you're something else, too. 

Developed by Obrum, a part of Poland Defence Holdings, in conjunction with Polish companies and British congolomerate BAE Systems, the PL01 is equipped with radar-absorbing materials and Adaptiv technology, which utilises specialised plates on the surface of the tank that can be heated and/or cooled in order to create a specific heat signature. This theoretically allows it to fake backgrounds, look like a different object altogether, or just simply disappear to IR scanners.

Wham, bam, tank you ma'am. Check out how it works in the video below.

Support system

Able to seat three, the PL01 isn't intended to be a primary attacking force - it's meant to be more of a fire support vehicle, bringing the rain with an unmanned, autoloading 105mm or 120mm caliber cannon. 

It's scheduled to begin construction in 2018, and while we marvel at its design and technology, we really hope there'll be no more need for weapons of war by then. Why can't we all just get along?

Source: Gizmodo