Pet Widget is a new social network for your furry friends

Pretty much like Facebook for Fido

Need a good groomer for your pup? Or perhaps a responsible boarder to take care of him when you go on vacation? You’ll be able to find these services and a whole lot more on the recently launched Pet Widget app.

Start by creating an online profile for your animal companion including photos and details like its breed, name and age. You can then send friend requests to other users and post status updates to the social feed on your pet’s antics. 

If you decide to provide details of your pet’s vaccinations and medical needs, the app has a function that will remind you when it’s time to take your critter to the vet. It also has a listings section with over 450 pet services including pet-friendly cafes, groomers or pet transportation.

Pet Talk is the communal platform within the app that lets you connect with other animal lovers to share articles and discussions, or even meet up offline as walking buddies if they’re within the same vicinity.

Pet Widget users can also opt to get Badge (S$29), an intelligent ID tag you can attach to your pet’s collar, that synchronizes with the app and utilizes NFC and QR technology to help locate lost pets. More efficient than the existing microchip system currently used in Singapore, Badge works with most smartphones.

Once Badge is scanned, or if the unique ID is entered on the website, the person who finds the lost pet will have access to key information and be able to contact its owner immediately. Badge will also alert owners through Pet Widget to show the lost pet’s last known location its Badge was scanned.

Talk about the purr-fect app for your pet.

Pet Widget is available for free on the Apple Store and Google Play Store