Parallels Access update adds support for iPhone and Android devices

iPad snobs won’t be the only people who get to access their PCs from their tablets anymore
Parallels Access update adds support for iPhone and Android devices

Apparently, Parallels has decided that there’s a bigger world out there other than the horde of Apple and iDevice users. Case in point: its Parallels Access app which grants remote access to PCs and Macs is now available for Android devices.

This update applies immediately to anyone who has subscribed to the app. Parallels Access, which was first limited to iPad users, now fully supports iOS. Yes, that means you can use it on your iPhone.

Parallels Access update adds support for iPhone and Android devices

The app creates a phone-friendly user interface (UI) rather than have you squint at an exact replica of your desktop UI. With Android devices, most of which have displays of at least 4.7-inches, this wouldn’t be a huge problem. Not so for the iPhone’s smaller 4in and below display.

The update also adds new features for iOS users, one of which is a file browser app for easier access to your files. Android devices, in particular, will benefit from the app’s ability to change screen resolution for the best fit. Regardless if your Android smartphone or tablet is using a 720p, 1080p or other odd screen resolutions, the app will find the best resolution for the reworked UI.

Hardware requirements are pretty straightforward. For iOS users, you’ll need iOS 7 to run Parallels Access, so that includes the iPad mini and iPad mini with Retina Display, iPad 2 and above, and iPhone 4s and later. Android 4.0 and above is required to run Parallels Access on Android devices.

Pricing for Parallels Access starts from US$19.99 for one year or US$34.99 for two years. The subscription lets you access up to five remote computers (Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1, or a Mac running OS X Mavericks, Mountain Lion and Lion) from an unlimited number of iOS and Android tablets and phones.

Special discount for Parallels Access in Singapore

Rather than sign up for Parallels Access online, there’s a better deal if your purchase it from a retail store in Singapore. The box set costs S$25.90 and you get to use Parallels Access for 14 months. Full details are included in this story.