Panasonic brings tough as nails 7in tablet to Singapore

The ToughPad FZ-M1 can be dropped, stepped on and even splashed, but it’ll still keep on going
Panasonic brings tough as nails 7in tablet to Singapore

This tough cookie first made its appearance in Las Vegas during CES 2014 and now it’s finally made its way to our shores.

Let’s be clear. This isn’t a tablet that most normal people would want to get. It’s neither sexy nor light. What it is though is really tough (as if the name wasn’t already an indicator). Just how much? It can take a drop from up to 5-feet and still work. Crazy, freezing temperatures? No problem, if you still haven’t lost your fingers from frostbite, it’ll still work.

Take note, it isn’t the thinnest of tablets though. At 540g and 0.7-inches thick, other tablets seem anorexic next to it. But to get that tough, something’s just got to give, right?

It’s not all brawn on this 7-incher either. With an Intel Core i5 processor, 128GB of SSD memory, 2GB or RAM and Windows 8.1 (not RT, phew), it has some brains to match as well. You even get connectivity options most tablets don’t like a serial port (whoa that’s old), Ethernet port and a few other extras.

At S$2699, it isn’t exactly on the cheap side, but bear in mind, this isn’t your typical tablet. If construction boots and hard hats are your thing, then you might consider this tough cookie. But for others, well, just stick to your teensy iPads. 

A rugged lappy

Panasonic CF-LX3

Panasonic didn’t keep itself to launching a tough slate alone though. It also brought in a new “tough” 14in laptop.

Called the CF-LX3, this is one lappy that’s not going to be crushed during the morning rush on the train. Able to take weights up to 100kg on it (believe it, we saw a grown man stand on one), this laptop is no pansy. And like its slate sibling, it has some brains to go with that brawn.

You get an Intel Core i5 vPro processor, 4GB of RAM, Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit and 250GB of storage. Throw in the other normal stuff you expect in a laptop - Wi-FI, Bluetooth, etc, and you’d think it’s going to weigh a ton. Wrong, because at 1.43kg, you know you’re not going to break your back carrying it.