Organic shoes for running? More likely than you think

Self-repairing shoes shaped to fit you like a second skin, and they're 3D printed
Organic shoes for running? More likely than you think

Shamees Aden, a designer and researcher from London, unveiled a shoe prototype that will make your best kicks looks like playthings at the recently held Wearable Futures conference.

Developed with help from Martin Hanczyc, a professor from University of Southern Denmark, Aden created a 3D printed shoe, made from a synthetic biological material that can repair itself overnight.

Shoes are alive!

The shoes are made from non-living protocells that can be combined to make living micro-organisms. Thanks to 3D printing, the shoes are designed to fit users' feet like a second skin, and will provide them the extra cushioning needed throughout their run too.

Aden told Dezeen that the cells will inflate and deflate in response to pressure, supporting runners while they run on different surfaces. After each run, the shoes will then be placed in a jar full of living liquid protocells, rejuvenating them for the next excursion.

While it's not ready for prime time as of today, we could see them for sale as early as 2050.

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