The Ora Unica Black is all about design simplicity

If stylish is the way to go, analog watches might make a comeback
The Ora Unica Black is all about design simplicity

The Ora Unica Black is not a smartwatch. Neither is it a wearable device but it’s one of those traditional watches that sports a stylish design and could potentially bring back the trend of donning an analog watch.

If you take one look at it, you’ll know that the Ora Unica Black is all about having minimal design, class, and simplicity.

Styled and created by famous Italian designer, Denis Guidone, the watch is nothing like what you’d expect – besides the fact that it doesn’t have a heartbeat sensor or even a screen that reflects messages and calls from your smartphone, it also doesn’t have any hands to tell the time (sort-of anyways).

What we mean by that is that all you see on the face of the Ora Unica Black is a single squiggly white scribble that looks like something a one-year-old came up with. But there’s more to the squiggle than just that.

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Looks that function

The Ora Unica Black is all about design simplicity

The two ends of the squiggle actually serve as the time-telling elements of the watch. The longer end acts as the minutes hand while the shorter end tells the hour. It might take you a while to figure out the time, but hey, when it looks that good, who wouldn’t mind staring at it a second or two longer.

The unique watchface comes packed into a 42mm stainless steel case, and the strap is luxuriously made of leather. It’s also water resistant up to 3ATM/30m.

You’ll be able to get the Ora Unica Black on your wrists for just US$184 (S$238), which is pretty affordable for a designer unit. You can purchase it online and get it shipped to you. But if you’re after something colourful or of a different design, Guidone’s other watch works might be more up your alley.  

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[Source: Hardware Zone