Oopsy, Nikon encounters second Photoshop fail of the year

Is that...a Fujifilm camera?

It’s becoming incredibly clear that Nikon and Photoshop just don’t mix.

In this ad spotted in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Nikon touts their history of lens making in an artistically hipster flat lay of sorts. Black rimmed glasses, check. Quad ruled notebook, check. Retro-styled camera, che - wait a minute.

That is no old-timey Nikon camera, that’s a Fujifilm X100 (as identified by the experts at PetaPixel). Even if they’re advertising the quality of their lenses, it seems awfully generous for them to highlight a competitor's product on their own ad.

This isn’t the first time Nikon has proven to be inept at dealing with Photoshop this year (and it's only March). There was the time they awarded a Photoshopped image with a prize - a Nikon trolley bag - that led to them getting trolled big time.

We hope you can get your money back, Nikon.

Source: Adweek