The only thing stopping StarHub's new broadband plan is its 1Gbps limit

The removal of peer-to-peer traffic managements means you'll get unfettered speed with the Dual Broadband 1000 network
The only thing stopping StarHub's new broadband plan is its 1Gbps limit

If you’ve been after a faster broadband plan without worrying about speed limitations, StarHub's new 1Gbps dual-network home broadband plan needs to be on your shopping list.

Named Dual Broadband 1000, the solution gives you a complementary pair of high-speed broadband connections – 1Gbps over fibre, in addition to 100Mbps over cable. What's really interesting, however, is (nerd talk alert!) the lifting of peer-to-peer traffic management for this particular plan.

In simpler terms, that means you'll no longer see download speeds dropping when you're transfering the latest patches for games that use such direct connections for file transfers. Another peer-to-peer network that benefits from this unfettered access would be Bittorrent. Yes, Bittorrent is legal for moments when you need to transfer huge files, not for nefarious purposes (we aren't going to tell you what those are).

In short, the high-speed plan is particularly relevant for those who simultaneously access various bandwidth-intensive services such as the cloud, social networking, video streaming and gaming, across multiple devices at home.

The launch of Dual Broadband 1000 comes off the back of the Dual Broadband 500 plan StarHub introduced in May this year. It was the first integrated fibre and cable home broadband solution in Singapore.

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But you can’t hop on to the telco’s website and sign-up now. Well, not yet at least. The Dual Broadband 1000 plan will only be available for sign-up from 22 November and you can either do it online or by visiting any StarHub Shops or its authorised dealers.

It will cost you a monthly fee of S$69.90 over two-years. This promotional fee is valid for sign-ups until further notice, which then will see your monthly costs escalate to S$99.90 a month.

As part of the promotion, Dual Broadband 1000 customers will also receive two free wireless networking devices, including the wireless AC dual-band gigabit router (D-Link DIR-868L) for a limited period only. The telco will also offer StarHub TV Lite (16 channels and a set-top box) free-of-charge.

Coincidentally, StarHub's new offer comes right after ViewQwest revealed its upcoming 2Gbps plan, touted to be the fastest fiber broadband in Singapore. This could likely signal a new price war between the telcos, so start monitoring the other usual suspects (SingTel, M1 and MyRepublic) for more offers. 

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