“One Upon Light” is the first PS4 indie game title developed in Singapore

If you want it, you’ve got to wait till 28 October
“One Upon Light” is the first PS4 indie game title developed in Singapore

If you’re a PS4 user and love non-mainstream games, this little piece of news might excite you. A new (and first) PS4 indie game title developed in Singapore, “One Upon Light”, will make its way to the PlayStation Store Asia soon.

If you’ve not heard of “One Upon Light” but it’s sparked your interest, it’s basically a monochromatic styled top-down puzzle game with a photophobic protagonist that has been developed by Singapore-based SUTD Game Lab and published by Singapore University of Technology and Design.

According to the makers of the game, the indie title tells the story of an individual’s journey through a somewhat abandoned science facility. The scientist – who you control – is averse to light and through the course of the game, you’ll uncover more about his condition and the facility’s current state.

The goal of the game: to move the scientist from one end of the map to the other. But it won’t be as straightforward as you think it to be (it’s a game after all).  

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A name for itself

Don’t underestimate the game too – it’s been acknowledged with a handful of awards including the "Best Game" award from the Independent Games Festival China (2013), Indie Award (4Gamer) and Indie Award (Famitsu).

Sony has announced that “One Upon Light” will be available on 28 October, and you’ll be able to get your hands on it from the PlayStation Store Asia for US$6.49 (around S$8).

And to cater for a wider range of users, the original English title will also be available in Thai and Bahasa Indonesia, in addition to having traditional Chinese, and Korean language subtitles.

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