Ofo’s bike and app updates will improve your next ride experience

Expect to find more Ofo bikes out in the wild

Bike-sharing is taking off in a big way in Singapore, and Ofo is stepping up to meet consumer demands.

On this front, they’re introducing a new bike to their stable. 500 of them in fact. The Aura 1.0 comes with 3 speed gears to tackle whatever terrain you feel like taking on, new adjustable handlebars, and an upgraded brake system to help you stop safely. If you’re using the bike to run errands, you’ll appreciate the new aluminium basket and cup holder to keep your hands free. Simply put, it should be a more comfortable ride.

The new bike comes with a more secure lock and syncs with the app via Bluetooth to unlock in less than 3 seconds so you can get riding right away.

App your service

But every bike-sharing app user knows it’s not just about the bike; it’s as much about the app experience itself. After listening to feedback, the app now allows you to locate nearby unused bikes so looking for a ride is easier. You can also map your route thanks to connectivity with Google Maps and be notified of nearby parking zones, so no excuses for chucking the bike just anywhere now.

In the interest of stopping rampant bike abuse, users will need to make a one-time deposit of S$39 upon updating the app, and rides will start at S$1 per hour, capped at S$2 for the whole journey. That’s still a pretty good deal and plenty worth it if it means everyone gets a good working Ofo bike to ride. You'll be able to get your deposit back in your account after 7 working days should you request for a refund

Got all that? Now you just need to find one of those new bikes to experience all of this for yourself. Ride safe and treat the bike nice. 

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