Nvidia’s officially launching a device on 3 March, and it’s likely to be a tablet

This new device is made to game

The future of gaming is in the hands of Nvidia. Okay, that’s a sweeping statement but given that the hardware manufacturer’s aiming to “redefine the future of gaming”, it seems like it has some master plans in store.

The company’s sent out press invites for an event on 3 March for a product that’s “made to game”. And since the technology has been “more than five years in the making”, we think it has to be something that’s going to surprise us all.

As usual, it’s hard to make out anything if you go by what’s on the invite (vendors like being very hush hush till the last second these days) except for what seems to be the edge of a tablet peeking out from a black background.


Sources are speculating that it’s the successor of the 8in Shield Tablet, since rumours recently hit the street of the device making a debut sometime before mid-March and housing a Nvidia Tegra X1 chipset

However, besides the leak that the chipset will come with Macwell GPU, no other information was made available about the purported slate. Sources speculate that the 8in size that you currently see on the Shield Tablet will remain unchanged, in addition to the optional LTE connectivity. 

During the launch of the Tegra X1, Nvidia claimed that devices with the silicon offering will boast a point performance of 1 teraflop, similar to a desktop-class GPU (thus making it a device worthy of gaming). 

We’re just a few weeks away from the official launch of the unit, so in the days ahead, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more rumours about the alleged device. 

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