nuTonomy partners Grab to make driverless taxis a reality in Singapore

And you can sign up to take part in the trials for free

When automotive technology firm nuTonomy started their driverless car trials in Singapore a few weeks ago, only a select bunch of users could try out the service.

Today the company announced a one-year partnership with ride-hailing giant Grab, signifying a leap forward in bringing driverless car technology to the masses. For the next two months, Grab users can now book a free ride in a nuTonomy autonomous vehicle through a “robo-car” fleet icon in the app.

The public trials are currently confined to the One North neighbourhood, but nuTonomy confirms that the LTA-approved zone for testing will soon be expanded to include an MRT station and additional office areas. This will help the company serve real needs from the public and provide crucial data to improve on both the performance and safety of self-driving vehicles (SDV), as well as the user experience — a key focus of the trials.

As with the Uber SDV trials happening now in Pittsburgh, there will be a safety driver and engineer present during each ride, to monitor performance or take control of the vehicle if a trip requires travel on roads outside of One North.

If you’re over 18, you can sign up for the chance to ride Robo-Car here