Now you can listen to Devialet quality sound first-hand

Bring your music to any of its two new stores in Singapore

We were absolutely blown away by the sound quality the last time we listened to a pair of Devialet speakers.  Who knew cordless audio can sound this good. 

And this time, we got to taste top notch music delivered from Devialet's latest flagship, the Gold Phantom.

It’s sound quality you have to hear to believe, like listening live as it is being played. And now you can hear them for yourself, at either its ION Orchard or Marina Bay Sands stores - the only ones in Asia outside of its Hong Kong headquarters.


Combining its ADH tech and HDI processor, the Gold Phantom produces 4500W and 108dB of zero distortion sound, saturation or background noise, plated with 22 carat Rose Gold. That’s 8x powerful than the original White Phantom.

The Gold Phantom is also fitted with a new pure Titanium Tweeter for the widest acoustic spectrum an audiophile could ever want - from the deepest bass (14Hz) to sharp and clear high frequency (27Hz) played from nearly any music source imaginable using Bluetooth and WiFi. Confused bu the audio-jargon?  That’s sound higher and lower than the human ear can possibly hear.

One speaker does wonders for your favourite music, but in a pair for stereo or more, it’s incredible how the Devialet Gold Phantom is able to differentiate and travel the sound, replicating how it might sound played in a concert or auditorium.