Now, everyone can watch Netflix with the Viewqwest TV 4K streaming media player

Yes, even if you're not a Viewqwest subscriber and you get a year of Freedom VPN for free too

For the less tech-savvy crowd that don't like to mess with their routers, DNS settings or anything else that’ll send waves of panic when they hit the wrong button to watch Netflix, salvation comes in the form of this little black box.

The Viewqwest TV 4K streaming media player is your gateway to over 20 streaming apps, which includes Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and BBC iPlayer. Unlike its previous media streamer, which was available only to Viewqwest subscribers, the new 4K-enabled media streamer is also available to non-subscribers.

It doesn't matter even if you’re still stuck on a two-year contract with Singtel, StarHub or M1. Just plug your ethernet cable to the Viewqwest media streamer and you can finally put your underutilised connection to good use. You don’t even have to mess with any settings on the media streamer or your TV because everything has been set up within the media streamer, ready to go. On top of that, if you have any issues with your VPN connection, Viewqwest is also able to remotely troubleshoot and solve the problem once you submit a request.

The caveat, however, is that while the media streamer supports 4K output, there isn’t enough ultra high definition content available to stream. For example, while Netflix does have 4K content in its library, it’s only available if you’re using the Netflix app on Android 5.0. Fortunately, Viewqwest CEO Vignesa Moorthy has confirmed that even though their latest media streamer is running on Android 4.4.1, it will be updated once the firmware is ready.

Viewqwest’s new streaming media player will be selling from next Thursday at the Comex 2015 show, slashed from its usual price of S$299 to S$249. Purchasing the media player also gives you Viewqwest Freedom VPN service for free. Only for 12 months though, after which you’ll need to fork out S$10.70 a month for the VPN service.

Oh, one last thing, you don’t have to make a mad dash to Comex as the offer will also be available on Viewqwest’s website from next week.